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The Writer’s Studio

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The Writer’s Studio

The Writer’s Studio is located on the first floor of the library for in-person appointments. Students may walk in any time during opening hours to meet with a tutor, or they may schedule an appointment. Weekly standing appointments are available and encouraged. Students in the online degree programs may use our scheduling system to set up synchronous or asynchronous tutoring appointments.

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About the Writer’s Studio

There are no “good” or “bad” writers. Only writers in progress.

Who We Are

The Writer’s Studio is staffed by Coker stsudents who have studied composition theory and writing pedagogy. Tutors have learned how to offer each student a supportive environment to talk about their ideas and discover strategies that will help them develop their writing. Every writer is different, so each session is tailored to the specific concerns of the individual student.


What We Do

The Writer’s Studio supports students’ efforts to develop their writing process and expand their writing strategies. Peer tutors work with the Coker community on writing projects of all kinds and at any stage of the writing process. Working with a writing tutor will help you improve your ability to read critically, brainstorm ideas, develop a draft, revise your writing, and proofread the final copy.


Meet the Tutors

Alisha Dundy, Beck Johnson, Chandler Owens, Anna Trapp, Elissa Williams


Hours of Operation

Sunday: 7-10 p.m.
Monday: 4-10 p.m.
Tuesday: 4-10 p.m.
Wednesday: 4-10 p.m.
Thursday: 4-10 p.m.
Friday and Saturday: CLOSED

Becoming a Writing Tutor
Do you like helping other people? Are you interested in developing clear, transferable skills for graduate school and your career? Contact Dr. Margaret J. Godbey at mgodbey@southlandstudios.net.

The first step to becoming a tutor is completing ENG 363: Seminar in Tutoring and Writing. This class introduces students to the theory and practice of writing and focuses on developing your writing strategies and understanding the writing process, research, and citation styles. Observing tutoring scenarios help tutors prepare to work with Coker students in person and online. Tutor training is ongoing after tutors begin work in the Studio.

Writing tutors earn $15/hour and typically work 4-15 hours per week. These flexible hours can be scheduled around other obligations, such as athletics and performing arts schedules. 

Successful tutors are strong academic writers and good listeners; they enjoy helping their fellow Cobras and being part of a collaborative group. We particularly welcome applicants from Business, Criminology, Education, Physical Education, Psychology, and the Visual and Performing Arts, as well as students who can support writers in languages other than English. Interested students also must complete ENG 112.

Be part of our community, as we work together to learn, lead, and inspire.

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