Center for Diversity, Interfaith, & Inclusion Education

Center for Diversity, Interfaith & Inclusion

The mission of the Center for Diversity, Interfaith and Inclusion Education is to create a more inclusive campus where everyone feels welcome, safe and respected.

Student Diversity Training

Coker University is committed to continuing to build a more inclusive campus where everyone feels welcome, safe, and respected. It is important that everyone takes part in our diversity training/education in order to promote a more supportive environment.  Our faculty and staff are required to complete diversity and inclusion training and have already begun this journey.  Students also play a very important role in creating a sense of belonging on campus.  These videos and assessments will help you to reflect on and evaluate your ideas about diversity and inclusion.  They may challenge you to think more about how you are receiving and interacting with others.  We hope that they will also encourage you to be open minded and empathetic to the plight of all human beings in our community and the wider world.

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Student Organizations

Coker University hosts a number of student organizations that bring people of affinity groups together. More organizations will be added to this page soon.



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